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In General

We maintain our fame as one of the most important ham producers in Europe because of our uncompromised strive for quality and continuous improvement of our quality system.

Quality As A System

Since the very beginning quality has been a very important issue for our company.
Our quality certificates witness that (see under "CERTIFICATES").
Also our in-house microbiology lab has an accreditation (!).
This doesn't stop us from cross-checking our results by an external laboratory on a regular bases.
Also in-house we check and evaluate every year the operation of our labs.

Our in-house labs are involved twice a year in ring-sampling, edited by CAMPDEN BRI.
Results over the last 5 years were always positive.

Of course we dispose of a traceability and recall-system in order to take the right measures and improvements for the future in case of any deviation.

Selected Ingredients

Not only the constant attention for production methods is important, the demanding modern consumer can count on an ever bigger care for the quality of the production itself.
We only work with first quality meat and selected raw materials, from our certified suppliers.
On entry these are thoroughly checked on quality.

More so we take things one step further, and pay attention to avoiding and reducing use of raw materials that appear on the allergen-listing.
This way we e.g. switched wheat starch for potato starch, had our plant declared ‘nut-free' (IFS) and we don't use any soy or GMO's.

The consumer can rest assured; we know what food safety and product quality mean…