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Just like the company that is flowing from generation to generation, we also want to pass on nature to the next generations.
Our company operates in an environmental transparent way, and according to the strictest legal requirements.
Upon selection of the raw material and of our suppliers we also take into account the environment.
In this respect we also impose on our suppliers strict conditions for packaging waste and recycling options.
Also our own packaging is recyclable.

Energy consumption

Industrial manufacturing demands a lot of different energy sources. In the past already a lot of actions were taken to rationalize energy consumption. We take energy - efficiency into account in our investment programs. We select new and energy-efficient machines, change compressors, lighting schemes, centralise and optimise water systems.


Fost+ promotes, coordinates and finances separated collection, assorting and recycling of packaging waste in Belgium.

Rational use of water + clear water

Water is an important raw material on one hand, and on the other hand an important resource for hygienic and qualitative production. That's why we heavily invested in our own water treatment works, and is our water consumption continuously being monitored for our water-reduction programmes.

Water consumption is reduced e.g. by production process improvements and recycling our own water.